DIY Pumpkin Pie Spice Soy Candle Sprinkles

bake bread (2).png

Soy sprinkles are intended to be used in wax melt warmers. This is a no cook process and is simple to make. I make these with my 9 year old daughter. We like to try new scents and it’s inexpensive – so if we make a mistake, I really don’t mind.


1 Gallon Zip Bag

1 Lb. Millennium Soy Wax – $2.60

Kitchen Scale

1 oz. Pumpkin Pie Spice Fragrance Oil– $2.65

Orange Colorant – $4.75 (you will have a bunch left over)

Glass Jar for Storage – 16 oz. Jar at the Dollar Tree works well – $1

Small jar for mixing


Place your seal top bag on your scale and then turn it on. This will zero out, or “tare”, the weight of the bag so the scale will still read zero. Add soy wax pastilles to your seal top bag until the scale reads 1 lb. Remove the bag from the scale.
-Put your small glass jar on the scale and zero out the scale. Add fragrance oil to your jar until it reads 0.8 oz.
-Add your liquid candle dye to the fragrance oil. Count the drops. I would try 4-6 drops dye for a starting point on a 1 lb batch. Mix well with a spoon or spoon handle.
-Add your fragrance and dye mixture to the wax beads in the bag. Try to remove most of the air from the bag as you seal it which makes the mixing easier. Gently mix the wax beads and liquid mixture together, making certain some of the liquid reaches each soy drop, for a uniform color. Lay the mixture flat on a table. Mix occasionally over the next several days.


16 oz. of your own sprinkles will cost $11 or only $7 if you don’t care for coloring it. Similar products would cost $36!


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